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Chris Valenti - Stand-up Comedian / Songwriter / Actor

Los Angeles-based comedian Chris Valenti has been doing stand-up comedy and comedic songs for 13 years now; in addition to acting/writing/directing for 16 years. Valenti's jokes & hilarious songs of struggles, blunders, and missed opportunities radiate the painfully funny universal suffering we all endure. He takes his romantic failures and frustrations personally and pours them out to the audience straight from his wry, twisted heart. His live stand-up show is all comedy with part music & part therapy; truly an ALL-out hilarious 'Emotional Wreck'." He truly is "the laugh-out-loud comedic motivator for the unlucky in love!"

Chris can be seen in the hit movie "17 AGAIN" (feat. Zach Efron & Matthew Perry), on ComedyCentral.com, self directed/produced video shorts, and in various award-winning commercials & Indie films.